Our grant-making policy details.

Below is a breakdown of who, where & why we offer grants. Please also note our list of exclusions that contain schemes & building works that we do not offer grants for.

Policy Map of UK


England and Wales, with a weighting towards Romford in the London Borough of Havering, and the surrounding area to reflect the benefactors' association with the locality.
Church Congregation


Primarily for the promotion of the Christian religion.
Lady in Prayer


  • Free Churches and those in a Local Ecumenical Partnership with a Free Church.
  • Independent Churches with Charitable Status whose Trust Deed fits within the aims of the Norwood & Newton Settlement.
  • Anglican Churches in Havering and close-by.
  • At the discretion of the Trustees, local Charities in the London Borough of Havering and close-by that demonstrate Christian Values.
Church Plans

Activities Funded

  • Churches' new capital building schemes to include Church use (not solely for community use to provide a letting income).
  • Church building schemes where there is a reasonable expectation of growth.
  • Local Charities (Havering area) demonstrating Christian Values for capital schemes or clearly defined one-off capital projects.
  • Havering based Christian Charities for projects to support and promote Christianity (small one-off grants only).


  • Repairs and maintenance.
  • Salaries and running costs.
  • Equipment.
  • Lottery funded or application being processed.
  • Churches operating a policy of closed communion table.
  • Individuals.
  • Small schemes where the cost could be covered by the Church or Charity.
  • Small schemes made up of individual elements that could be undertaken as and when funding is available.
  • Small schemes that are purely to comply with Equalities Acts (e.g. ramps & WCs).
  • Schemes where building work has already been completed.
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