Harold Hill Evangelical Church

Mark Galliers Church Leader Harold Hill Evangelical Church writes: “The existing buildings at Harold Hill Evangelical church had not altered for nearly 30 years and there was a clear need to expand. Being blessed with land that was suitable to accommodate an extension, plans were drawn up and funds gathered from the fellowship.

At that point we were introduced to Norwood and Newton, who (as another church has already noted), made a grant offer far larger than expected, which enabled the entire footings and base slab to be built.

Despite the project going on hold for a couple of years due to issues with finding a sympathetic contractor, the works enabled by Norwood and Newton remained a constant reminder to the entire church of God’s faithfulness and provision. 

Now completed, the new extension provides a visual frontage and access to the church opposite a shopping centre, where previously the only access was via a side road. 

The Norwood and Newton grant has enabled a brand-new hall, kitchen and disabled toilets. The hall has already seen use for worship, midweek meetings, prayer groups and a drop-in outreach café.

As a church, we were in agreement with the ethos of N&N, especially in regard to committing to Christian ethics and not seeking to forward God’s work through funding streams such as the national lottery.

Harold Hill Evan church will always remain grateful to Norwood and Newton for their generous grant and encouragement in our service to our faithful God”