Godmanchester Baptist Church

Daniel Beckett, Lead Pastor and Chair of Trustees at Godmanchester Baptist Church, writes, “The congregation of Godmanchester Baptist Church are very grateful to Norwood and Newton and a number of other grant making bodies for their generous support which has enabled completion of a major building project this year (2022). 

The completed project has brought our Large Hall (Worship Area) completely up to date.  It seats over 200 people comfortably and now has modern décor, state of the art lighting, an air circulating system for heating and cooling, impressive audio visual equipment and everything required for multi-purpose use.  

It is a joy to be able to hold our church services on site again after all the disruption of Covid and then the building project.  The room is also well suited to community and commercial activities and events and in the last few months it has been used:

  • by the local Beavers colony for their weekly sessions,
  • for afternoon tea following our own Songs of Praise service for Seniors in the community,
  • by a national theatre company for an evening production,
  • by the County Council for a Youth Conference, and
  • by a local choir for a Christmas concert.